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Wei Under Par

Sep 1, 2017

Following the third round at the Northern Trust Open, I caught up with Tim Kawakami, the Editor-in-Chief of The Athletic Bay Area, while he was en route to cover the big fight — yes, that one: Mayweather vs. McGregor.

Prior to joining The Athletic this summer, Tim was a columnist at the San Jose Mercury News for 17 years. He’s one of the most prominent — if not the foremost — voices when it comes to coverage and insight into the Golden State Warriors and San Francisco 49ers.

Tim and I talked about his new gig at The Athletic, which just launched at the start of August. He also provided his insider knowledge on all things Steph Curry, including his impressive performance at the Tour event. We chatted about Colin Kaepernick's journey that eventually led to his silent protest and the ensuing (and ongoing) controversy -- which was recently detailed in a guest column for The Athletic by Kaepernick's friend.

Tim also describes the drastic and distinct cultures in the NBA vs. the NFL.